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Wine #1 Château Tour Des Gendres - Bergerac - Red

From the Begerac wine region in South West France, Château Tour Des Gendres is situated just South of the Dordogne and have produced organic wines since 1994. The vineyard is planted with many grape varietals including Sauvignon, Sémillon, Muscadelle, Merlot and Malbec which they use to produce a whole host of red and white wines.

Made from a blend of 40% Malbec and 60% Merlot, the grapes are left to macerate at a cold temperature for four days before fermentation. The fermentation and ageing occurs in stainless steel with 20 days of maceration. The wine is then bottled with minimal filtration

Wine #2 Casa Coste Piane - Valdobbiadene Prosecco - Sparkling

Casa Coste Piane is situated in North-East Italy with a focus on creating naturally sparkling Prosecco through refermentation in the bottle. The winery has around six hectares of vines divided among several hillside plots all lying between 250 and 400 meters above sea level. The moraine soil is rich in clay and marl so the roots of the oldest vines reach down deep and benefit from nutritious mineral salts.

Produced from the Glera varietal, this Prosecco is made by soft pressing the grapes so there is no contact with the skins. It is then left to ferment for 15 days and filtered during the winter months whilst still retaining its yeasts, good bacteria and microbiological characteristics. The wine then stabilises in the following Spring and it is then bottled. The naturally present yeasts come to the fore for a natural, spontaneous refermentation.

Wine #3 Judith Beck - Ink - Red

From Gols, Burgenland, Austria, the Judith Beck winery is based near lake Neusiedlersee and is in the warmest region of the country. It is a 15 hectare estate which has been farming biodynamically for over 12 years using native Austrian varieties.

Ink is made from a 80-20 blend of Zweigelt and St Laurent, spontaneously fermented in steel and open wooden vats

Wine #4 Intellego - Chenin Blanc - White

Intellego Wines are based in Swartland, South Africa, and produce their wines from grapes grown on all different parcels of land such as Abbotsdale, Riebeek and Malmesbury. Winemaker and founder, Jurgen Gouws is particularly fond of the bush vine Chenin Blanc and strictly adheres to minimal intervention winemaking.

The Intellego Chenin Blanc is a blend of two parcels, a combination of granite and gravel sites in the South and South West Swartland appellation. The grape varietal is the aforementioned Chenic Blanc from bush vines planted in 1980 and 2002.

Wine #5 Casa Balaguer-Vinessens - El Carro, Moscatel - Orange

Casa Balaguer was a project founded in 2000 by the respected and committed Rafa Bernabé, known for being one of the pioneers in the revival of the wine region of Alicante. The vineyard was then taken over by the owners of Vinessens, due to Bernabé’s health concerns, and now covers a total of over 90 hectares. They are committed to minimal intervention and respecting the terroir and the native grape varietals including Monastrell, Garnacha, Garnacha Tintorera, Moscatel and more.

El Carro, Moscatel is made from 100% Muscat of Alexandria from the La Matta Natural Park. It is aged in French Oak for 4 - 6 months.

Wine #6 Domaine Saint Nicolas - Reflets - Rosé

Domaine Saint Nicolas, in the Loire region, has been going since before the 1960s, but since the arrival of Patrice Michon to Brem-sur-Mer, what was then a few acres of vines, the vineyard has grown into a modern and well established winery. Three generations of the Michon’s work on the wine and have been biodynamically certified since 1995.

A blend of Pinot Noir (60%), Gamay (30%) and Cabernet Franc (10%) grown on exposed South-West hillsides, this is macerated for 8-10 days and undergoes natural fermentation.

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